What happens if free basics is legalized?

There have been multiple arguments on either side of Facebook's Free Basics and net-neutrality debate.
Taking a neutral view- let's see what could actually pan out if Facebook's Free Basics gets a go-ahead in India and other focus markets - in order of occurrence -
Definitely a lot of people without access to Internet would get access to the "free basics" portfolio. These guys would get on the digital platform They would start using the limited bouquet of services and Facebook would get to analyze their consumer behavior As per Mark Zuckerberg's own statistic - 50% of them would evolve into full paying data customers As of result, telcos would penetrate into an entirely new segment - good newsThese upgraded users would also seek to better their experience with better devices- I believe mostly android low end smartphones- So OEMs gain- Good news again With the insights gathered about upgraded users in the "free basics" phase - Facebook would be uniquel…

Ads I like- #TayyariJeetKi #Bournvita

What new can you do in category like the Milk Food Drinks? The major part of the category is focused towards growing kids. This is not an impulse purchase like a snack but usually it is brought by the parent for the child. Further, for most kids a glass of milk is not a thing which they particularly look forward to before the start of every day. So, here is how one could have a pitch for a Milk Based drink: Focus on the ingredients and basis that you make a rational pitch, targeted at the parent. For example, Junior Horlicks talks about some magic formulations called the DHA  (Which as per them is  "clinically proven to aid brain function and development")The 2nd approach is making it easier for parents to "sell" a glass of milk everyday to their kids by targeting the kids themselves by focusing on the Taste. An example is Maltova, which is the "Fun Health Drink"Then their would be the Boost approach which focuses on a celebrity endorsement to have the re…

Xiaomi, OnePlus and the Aam Aadmi Party, Part 2

In the 1st part of this article, we looked at the meteoric rise of brands such as Xiaomi, OnePlus and a political party, the Aam Aadmi Party. So, how was the impossible made possible? Was there a method to the madness? Were there any common linkages to their respective strategies?
Clear and Distinct Messaging
The brand identity which the AAP seeks to project is a party which stands for certain clearly defined values such as Corruption Free India, Transparency and Power to People. Xioami also picks up the Power to the consumer thread by reaching out directly to them through a direct sales model and seeking constant feedback from users to improve their products.
Us vs The Enemy
The US President, George Bush once said, "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists”. The enemy lines were clearly defined in these cases too and the consumers/voters were asked to take a side.
In the case of AAP, the enemy was the big corporate houses and politicians, whose names were publicly discl…

Xiaomi, OnePlus and the Aam Aadmi Party, Part 1

Upstarts Xiaomi and OnePlus are shaking up the Smartphone World. Established brands and market leaders like Samsung are losing market share. The God of the present Smartphone world, Apple, is taking notice.
Another upstart, the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi has done something similar. Established parties like the Congress have seen their vote share in Delhi decimated. Since the victory in the general elections, the BJP and the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi could do nothing wrong. Successive victories and huge successes of national schemes were filling up the mass media. But the disruption, that was the AAP, reduced them to less than 5% of the seats in the Delhi assembly.
So what is happening here which is defying logic? Let us look up Modi first. The main marketing media which the BJP employed in the general election was Modi and his huge rallies. Those were a revelation then, an articulate, aggressive Modi, compared to the silence of Manmohan Singh, the erstwhile Congress PM. People lapp…

Dettol Case Study Analysis

Presented as part of the Dettol Case Study Contest launched by Reckitt Benckiser and MDI-Gurgaon in Nov, 2008. This proposal stood 3rd nationally and was featured by NDTV Profit.

Dettol case from sidsaxena

Tanishq Wedding Jewellery

Tanishq: The Wedding Jeweller
The Jewellry that makes you want to Marry!!!

Marketing Gyan:  One of the objectives of Branding is to increase the relevance of the Brand across usage scenarios and occasions. A brand stands for some value or emotion. For example, if Cadbury Chocolates talks about "Jab dil main khushi chaa jae, kuch meetha ho jae", it implies that Cadbury is brand which is associated with the celebration of happy moments. So, the task of a brand manager or the ad agency at Cadbury is to find out those moments which make people happy and then associate their brand, which is Cadbury with them. So, when I think about Pappu pass ho gaya, I think of Cadbury. When I think of 'Aaj Pehli Tareekh hai' (salary), I think of Cadbury. This is what is known as Brand Recall. It is a scenario in which a cue or an occasion prompts us to the brand. So, think Safedi, Top of Mind might be a Tide or a Rin. Think Luxury, Top of Mind might be a Mercedes.
Brand Tanishq: Tanishq is…

Aircel- Save Our Tigers

Aircel- Save Our Tigers: Social Campaign or Marketing Campaign?
Aircel is running a campaign to create awareness about the depleting tiger reserves in the country. It has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund India and made a portal which talks about the issue.
The campaign includes a series of commercials which raise awareness about the fact that there just 1411 tigers left.

The campaign also includes commercials which feature Aircel brand endorsers like Dhoni, talking about the issue and exhorting us to "Join the Aircel- Save Our Tigers Initiative" . The ads highlight very prominently Brand Aircel and the portal made for the cause-

The portal, again features Brand Aircel on the landing page.

The campaign also has a Facebook Page, which is based on a character Stripey the Cub.  The Facebook had as of 27th Feb, almost 2 Lakh fans. What on paper seems like a Social Campaign, is infact a very innovative and effective marketing campaign to create awaren…