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Ads I like- #TayyariJeetKi #Bournvita

What new can you do in category like the Milk Food Drinks? The major part of the category is focused towards growing kids. This is not an impulse purchase like a snack but usually it is brought by the parent for the child. Further, for most kids a glass of milk is not a thing which they particularly look forward to before the start of every day. So, here is how one could have a pitch for a Milk Based drink: Focus on the ingredients and basis that you make a rational pitch, targeted at the parent. For example, Junior Horlicks talks about some magic formulations called the DHA  (Which as per them is  "clinically proven to aid brain function and development")The 2nd approach is making it easier for parents to "sell" a glass of milk everyday to their kids by targeting the kids themselves by focusing on the Taste. An example is Maltova, which is the "Fun Health Drink"Then their would be the Boost approach which focuses on a celebrity endorsement to have the re…