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Airtel Impatience is the new life Target Group

Adding on...mood of the youth!
The more you try to analyze this campaign, the more you realize what kind of effort the agency has put in to make it "in sync" with the youth today. • A line in the ad says...and "they" say "we" are impatient! : making a clear distinction between those who come within Airtel's target group and those who do not. The fundamental element of marketing is the STP-Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. In that Airtel succeeds by not only picking out its target segment, designing its product (fast broadband) according to the needs of that one segment and finally positioning it for them as the answer to the emotion their target group identifies most with-Impatience. This is different from the usual telecom ads which “are meant for everyone”. • The ad talks about an attitude which has become synonymous with India’s youth. The youth have an individual identity of their own which they are proud of and can defend it at any costs. Go…

Airtel Impatience is the New Life Campaign

Impatience is the new life!

Core TG: A group IMRB calls “funsters”. It is between 16-25 years old and basically consists of college students and young professionals.

Research Inputs:
11 million Internet connections in India of which five million are home broadband connections.
Also, almost half of the 81 million Internet users in India are below 25 years of ageImplication: A huge majority of youth are net users but are not using internet or broadband connections. This is the group Airtel is trying to target, apart from upgrading those with "old world" slow broadband connections.

Creative concept: that today’s youth is impatient and that this impatience is a virtue that propels them to strive for and achieve more in life

Being on the verge of being out of the "Funster" TG, as defined by IMRB, I can vouch for the fact that being impatient was a trait which was looked down upon. "hamesha jaldi main rehte ho/ek saath bahut saare cheezen karna chahte ho/hamesha harbar…