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Going Smoke
Compare these with the boring "Smoking is injurious to health" lines printed on Indian cigarette packets. I mean, who reads those? Even if someone did, would he be deterred from smoking from a silly "Smoking is injurious to health" poser on cigarettes? I think not. Moreover, these lines reinforce the macho image associated with smoking. Like you are being a real man if you smoke. Sissies think about small things like health. Macho dudes do not. Maybe they will if the Government of India followed the example of some European countries by printing “smoking causes impotency” or for the women, “smoking causes breast cancer”. Being specific never harmed anyone. Waiting for the time when the supposedly “macho” dudes would be “man enough” to realize the perils of smoking. Till then, have a look a this ad. Shock value, like being specific, very often drives home the point.Care for a smoke?