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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Perfect Advertising

The Ad
Headline: "My greatest award! My coffee cup, it says 'world's greatest mom.
Annual reports and report cards. Conference calls and PTA meetings.
CEO and part-time cricket coach.Paperwork and homework.
Ten-hour work days and overtime on Sundays on the pitch. Struggles and recognition.
Success and sacrifices. Accolades, trophies and a coffee cup."

An instantly attractive woman, in black business formals in the foreground with a pleasantly light background, is what first successfully gets ones attention to the ad. Then, you see the details, she is on one hand holding a cricket bat, and at the same time there is a travel bag and a sleek car in the background. Finally, you read what is written below the main heading. The picture of successful business women, who is adept at managing both her work and her children, falls into place. It is this image which appeals to women across categories who form the primary readership of Femina. It is the women who is modern in her outlook, professional in her work and is also very much aware of her responsibilities at home. The modern women of today who balances her personal and professional life, identifies in the image being projected, and the women who wants to get to that stage looks upon that image as an ideal, and gets inspired from it. The personal connection, thus formed between the product and the consumer, leads to the cementing of the brand in the minds of the consumer. Secondly, regarding the men who read Femina, just a pretty face is good enough for them to have a look at the magazine. What say, guys?