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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Out Of Home

Think Out of Home..Think India Railways...

Here is snapshot of a Mumbai Local train, with an advertising message of a popular TV show, painted all across its body. Sure, innovative advertising technique and a great way to earn precious revenue for the railways.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

BSNL Ghar Ki Pehchan

ADS I Like....BSNL...Ghar Ki Pehchan...

The backdrop: With mobiles becoming all prevalent, everyone in a typical urban family has a personal cell phone. In such a scenario, the requirement for a land line connection becomes very less. This is one of the reasons why people in large numbers are surrendering their land line connections. While the mobile subscriber growth is increasing exponentially, the number of land lines is actually decreasing.

The Land Line as a Ghar ki pehchan...or a Symbol of the house...

BSNL addresses this by projecting the land line to what it originally was...a symbol of the house. Like the way we have our home address, we must have our home land line number. It represents the house as one unit. The execution of the ad in a humorous way with Preity Zinta as a prospective bride, for seeing whom the bridegroom's family has come, sure underlines the message and makes it memorable. The highlight of the ad is a highly dramatic moment in which Preity replies to the bridegroom family after she learns that they unfortunately do not have a land line connection. Preity says..."Aapke pass BSNL land line nahi hai, Ghar ke pehchan nahin hai...DAD main ess ghar main shaadi nahin karungi!!!” The arranged marriage theme and the use of Preity Zinta as a shy prospective bride, who takes exception to the fact that the guy's family does not have a land line connection, would help make the AD appeal to a diverse strata of society. The core benefit of the product is stated as more than just a communicating device, but as a symbol which represents the entire house. The augmented product, includes in Preity's own words, features like Broadband, Multi Play and Fixed Line Prepaid, give additional reasons for people to take or at least retain the BSNL connections. The stating of these features removes another misconception that BSNL does not provide features which a private provider of land lines might provide.

Impact: The AD by projecting a BSNL landline as a "Ghar ki Pehchan", would give people, looking to surrender their land lines, a reason to retain their connections. The whole concept of the Ad goes well with the earlier "BSNL: Best hai Mere Liye Campaign" which tries to break the stodgy and dull image of BSNL and helps people see it in a new light.

The AD sure gives people a reason to keep their land lines, but how much would it be able to arrest the decline in land line connections due to the onslaught of mobiles is hard to say. But, BSNL's effort sure is commendable.