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Mobile Number Portability in India

Game Changer: Mobile Number PortabilityMobile Number Portability (MNP):Starting from Sep' 09, MNP would be possible in a phased manner across India. That means, customers can change their mobile operators while retaining their number after paying a fee to designated agencies who would be managing the process of number portability. With that, the biggest barrier people had while changing connections is gone. The nightmare of changing mobile numbers was the biggest defense markets leaders like Airtel and Vodafone had against new players of the likes of Aircel, Reliance GSM and others. With the coming of MNP, the customer would be benefited because now an Airtel or a Vodafone would try harder to retain him and at the same time, he would have the option to shift to an Aircel if he finds their schemes attractive.

New Players: These would be looking at giving customer value propositions that make them shift from existing big players like Airtel and Vodafone. These would have to be innova…

75 Years of Dettol

Iconic Brands...Dettol!

Here is a video of how Reckitt Benckiser celebrated 75 years of its most trusted and iconic brands in India.

(The site has embedded an ad before the actual video. This can not be forwarded. Just let it play for about 15 seconds and then the actual video will play.)