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What happens if free basics is legalized?

There have been multiple arguments on either side of Facebook's Free Basics and net-neutrality debate.
Taking a neutral view- let's see what could actually pan out if Facebook's Free Basics gets a go-ahead in India and other focus markets - in order of occurrence -
Definitely a lot of people without access to Internet would get access to the "free basics" portfolio. These guys would get on the digital platform They would start using the limited bouquet of services and Facebook would get to analyze their consumer behavior As per Mark Zuckerberg's own statistic - 50% of them would evolve into full paying data customers As of result, telcos would penetrate into an entirely new segment - good newsThese upgraded users would also seek to better their experience with better devices- I believe mostly android low end smartphones- So OEMs gain- Good news again With the insights gathered about upgraded users in the "free basics" phase - Facebook would be uniquel…