Airtel Impatience is the New Life Campaign

Impatience is the new life!

Core TG: A group IMRB calls “funsters”. It is between 16-25 years old and basically consists of college students and young professionals.

Research Inputs:
  1. 11 million Internet connections in India of which five million are home broadband connections.
  2. Also, almost half of the 81 million Internet users in India are below 25 years of age
Implication: A huge majority of youth are net users but are not using internet or broadband connections. This is the group Airtel is trying to target, apart from upgrading those with "old world" slow broadband connections.

Creative concept: that today’s youth is impatient and that this impatience is a virtue that propels them to strive for and achieve more in life

Being on the verge of being out of the "Funster" TG, as defined by IMRB, I can vouch for the fact that being impatient was a trait which was looked down upon. "hamesha jaldi main rehte ho/ek saath bahut saare cheezen karna chahte ho/hamesha harbari lage rehte hai/koi kaam aaram se, dheere dheera nahin karte/etc etc, was the usual refrain which the "funster" TG has had to and still hears from parents and other people who have long passed the definition of the "funster" TG.

Rediffusion DYR, the agency for Airtel Telemedia Service has turned the argument on its head and connected with the TG by converting what was till now a vice which the "funster" TG had to live with, into a virtue, which is in fact the identity of young India, Youngistan, as Pepsi calls them.

The youth today is no longer bound by the constraints of yesterdays. They(we, actually, being technically still in the funster TG!!) want success and they(we!) want it fast. Impatience is now a virtue that propels them to strive for and achieve more in life. Impatience also transcends into apathy for the system, the politicians, the bureaucracy, in fact anyone who stands in the way of making things move.

I would say Impatience is not the new life, it has been for sometime the mood of India's youth. Its a social trend...a phenomenon. That's the beauty of advertising, using social trends to connect your target group with your product or service, which is in this case, Airtel's broadband service, which exemplifies the freedom from long impatient waits we all have had to suffer due to slow net connections. A perfect 10 to Airtel and Rediffusion DYR from punchlineexpert!


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