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Monday, May 3, 2010

Tanishq Wedding Jewellery

Tanishq: The Wedding Jeweller

The Jewellry that makes you want to Marry!!!

Marketing Gyan:  One of the objectives of Branding is to increase the relevance of the Brand across usage scenarios and occasions. A brand stands for some value or emotion. For example, if Cadbury Chocolates talks about "Jab dil main khushi chaa jae, kuch meetha ho jae", it implies that Cadbury is brand which is associated with the celebration of happy moments. So, the task of a brand manager or the ad agency at Cadbury is to find out those moments which make people happy and then associate their brand, which is Cadbury with them. So, when I think about Pappu pass ho gaya, I think of Cadbury. When I think of 'Aaj Pehli Tareekh hai' (salary), I think of Cadbury. This is what is known as Brand Recall. It is a scenario in which a cue or an occasion prompts us to the brand. So, think Safedi, Top of Mind might be a Tide or a Rin. Think Luxury, Top of Mind might be a Mercedes.

Brand Tanishq: Tanishq is a leading jewelery brand. The challenge for a brand manager at Tanishq, aiming for high brand recall, would be to find out occasions in which jewelery is bought and then associate Tanishq with them. Talking about India, the main occasion by a big margin is marriage. It is during marriages that people buy jewelery for the bride or for gifting. So, the whole idea behind the campaign is to associate Brand Tanishq with marriages. 

Consumer Insight: What happens in the ad:
  1. The girl sees her mother trying the jewelry
  2. She goes and starts trying the jewelry herself
  3. The mother gives her admiring glances
  4. She gets more interested and starts trying all the pieces- the neck piece, the earrings, the bangles... :-)
  5. Her increasing happiness and sheer joy in trying the beautiful jewelry is evident
  6. The joy reaches the pinnacle when the girl looks at herself, wearing the entire jewelry set in the mirror and admires himself ( i just love the look! )
  7. This joy turns to disappointment when she has to take off the jewelry one by one, as this is a wedding jewelry and she was not interested in marriage!
I need not state what is evident. But the fact is the women, irrespective of what they do or their outlook towards life, want to look beautiful. They want to admire themselves. The self-admiration was so obvious when the girl looks at herself in the mirror with the jewelry set and also when we observe the disappointment which comes to her face when she has to take off the pieces. It is this self-admiration and this desire to look as beautiful as a a bride, is what the brand plays on.

However the feminists might argue otherwise, the "Apsara"  or the Goddess a woman looks with her attire and jewelery on her wedding is in a way, a celebration of womanhood. This celebration of womanhood is associated deeply with the bridal getup of which the bridal jewelery is a critical part. This is where Tanishq comes in with their bridal collection. 

It creates a longing to get married, if only to wear that jewelery or look as beautiful as the bride. If the fulfillment of that longing leads to a Top of Mind for brand Tanishq, then the brand manager has created his brand recall!

What next? I have not followed the past campaigns of Tanishq very closely but the brand could also focus on the gifting aspect to create more relevance for itself. It could start with talking about how Tanishq is perfect as a Valentine's Gift and then as the perfect gesture a brother could do on Rakhi! This would further create the desired brand recall in different usage scenarios and keep the brand relevant.