The Emotional Connect: Thailand Post

When was the last time you sent a handwritten letter to someone? With the advent of emails, sms and cheap long distance calling, many of us have stopped sending letters to each other. That’s good for us because technology has enabled us to send our messages and mails across instantly and get the response back at the same time, a thing just not possible with snail mail. But there is one small problem with this nice arrangement, its puts the postal companies out of business.

What do handwritten letters have by which they can compete with emails and sms? Well, the very fact that they are handwritten is their biggest USP. Don't we get happy when we receive a handwritten letter? The warmth, love and affection which a handwritten letter implies are things which the impersonal emails and sms can never have. You tend to delete old messages and emails, but a letter, specially from a very loved one, is something you like to keep forever, hidden maybe in the pages of a book or some other secret hiding place.

It is this emotional chord which Thailand Post tries to touch with their print ad. It shows a letter in which the guy confesses his love to the girl. The letter becomes something more than just a piece of paper with a message on it. It becomes something special, something to be cherished.

That’s the whole point of the ad. It makes people aware of what a special thing a letter is. It makes them want to go out and write a letter to their loved ones.

"Dearest Margaret, resembling my love, the red roses. Right at your front door is where my heart lies. There, I have been yearning for your love. Please don't make me wait till I wither like those red roses. With much love, William.Good memories you won't get from e-mail."


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