Vodafone Make the Most of Now

Vodafone Make the Most of Now!                                                                                                      
The Pug:
It’s said that a dog is a man’s best friend. Vodafone is using the Pug as symbolic of its strong customer service. Earlier during the days of Hutch, a possible differentiation based on strong network was possible. Now when having a strong network is perceived by consumers as almost of point of parity, the role of the pug has also changed from a symbol of a strong network to a symbol of superior customer service. This superior customer service would be there to help you in every possible way, at every possible place and at every possible time. Hence, you would be able to make the most of your time and mobile connection. This is how connect the pug connects with Make the Most of Now.

In the days of Hutch, people found the pug adorable. What Vodafone does is that it retains and pug and at the same time to distance itself from Hutch, it changes the storyline from "Where ever you go, our network follows" to "Happy to help".

The Zoo Zoos:

Vodafone invented the imaginary Zoo Zoo characters and their imaginary world to act as a medium through which they would talk about the Value Added Services of Vodafone. The characters through their antics and through the storyline which was based on a particular value added service, became so successful, that Vodafone is now using them to talk about all services which would add value to the life of a consumer and help him Make the Most of Now. An example for this is discounts on Roaming.

Though presently, the Zoo Zoos have been replaced by the Pug in all TV commercials, but they are being leveraged by Vodafone as a medium to engage with the TG through Facebook. Further, they are using the Zoo Zoos on their site to talk about special offers.

The connect of the Zoo Zoos is directly with the punchline of Vodafone.."Make the Most of Now"...They represent services that would help the consumer Do More, add value to his life and hence "Make the Most of Now". The Zoo Zoos are in fact are the essence of the Make the Most of Now proposition. They represent services that go beyond beyond plain Voice and SMS to offer something more to the consumer. These not only help the consumer in making the most of his mobile connection but also put a smile on his face.

Talking of putting a smile on our face, the humour element is very strong in the imagery of Vodafone. Talk about the Zoo Zoos or the Pug, though both have different roles to play in the communication of Vodafone, the one thing common among them is the humour and the comic element. Customer delight is the end focus of all marketing efforts. If making the consumer happy is the aim, then Vodafone achieves that just through its communication- the pug and the zoo zoos are sweet, adorable and they also make us smile. The propositions that they represent- excellent customer service for the pug and value added services for the zoo zoos, would only take this happiness to the next level.

Vodafone extends the concept of Make the Most of Now and takes it to the Next Level. Have a look at this screen shot from their site:

Ordinary things like browsing through Tariff Plans and Services are transformed into a fun activity. Getting information is one thing and smiling while doing a mundane task like browsing through a list of offers and services is really Making the Most of Now!!!

Hence two common elements come out about the Vodafone brand. The first that Vodafone is a brand that would go beyond the usual to offer services that would offer more and add value to the life of the subscriber. The second is that Vodafone is a brand which has a fun element attached to it, which would make us smile. Both these points together symbolize the punchline of "Make the Most of Now".


Anonymous said…
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!
Hmm.. In terms of the marketing efforts I too agree with you upon the wonderful continuity maintained by Vodafone in communication as well as the change in the communication.. But, in reality I don't.. atleast with Vodafone Mumbai circle and it's Customer Service as well as the VAS... It has touched it's low compared to other major players..

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